Pot Smoking Husband

United States
June 20, 2007 11:47am CST
Okay so my husband smoked pot when i met him which was okay because I did too. Now we have a baby. He quit smoking for about 3 months because he got pretty seriously hurt while 'high'. Now on Memorial Day he decides he wants to smoke. He said it wasn't gonna be an all the time thing but of course that's what it has turned into. I don't really care that he smokes pot its just more of us spending $20-$30 every couple days to get it for him. It is starting to cause fights between us. I have a lot of debt that I am trying to get rid of because I want to buy a house but him spending that money kinda puts a halt on my plans. What can I do? I'm not gonna leave him so don't even say that. At least at this point that is not an option.
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