Is Hip Hop and Rap music corrupting minds

United States
June 20, 2007 11:51am CST
Everybody knows that in this day and age rap music is the top genre listened to, followed closely by rock, but the reason it is so popular is the fact that hip hop is related to the ghetto. In this generation everyone wants to be ghetto. I mean everyone!!!! its to the point where kids are doing everything to be a bad a$$. You hear b*tch and ho alot more that female. All of a sudden you see white boys going from wearing polo shirts and tight jeans to wearing do-rags and baggy jeans. Teenagers are joing gangs around the country and drug possesion is at a all time high . People are talking differently it went from whats up to whats good. So tell me does anyone think that Hip Hop and Rap music are corrupting teenage minds.
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