Do you ever have a PJ day with your kids?

United States
June 20, 2007 12:37pm CST
My daughter loves pajama days! We don't do it very often because we usually have something to do and somewhere to go. It happens more often in the winter than the summer. It is 1:30pm and she is still in her PJs. It is a beautiful cool summer day and I want my kids to go outside and play but she refuses to put her clothes on. She wants to go out in her PJs. Have you ever had a pajama day? Do just the kids stay in their PJs or do you, the parent, too?
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@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
21 Jun 07
I think that sounds like a great idea - i might have to try it when my daughter is a little older! I'm a very PJ kinda person myself, i put them on when i get out of bed & usually stay in them unless i have to go somewhere :) I leave my little one in PJs most of the time coz it's winter here so she stays warm but i change her in to other clothes if we go out somewhere of course! She is only 1 though so it's a little different! It sounds great though & i think a PJ day every so often is a great idea!
@maddysmommy (16235)
• United States
20 Jun 07
My son and I hang out in our pjs if we have nowhere to go that day. It usually happens maybe once a week where neither of us can be bothered changing.
@wmaharper (2316)
• United States
20 Jun 07
Oh yes, definently. We only have one car, so I don't go out much with the boys, so ALOT of our days are pj days. If we don't have to get dressed we dont. Usually they are dressed by the time thier daddy comes home from work (as am I) and we all have dinner then go play at the park or something fun. It's just more fun to be in your pj's and if you don't have to get dressed, why would you? If my oldest wants to go outdoors, I'll usually make him change into play clothes, as he tends to get quite muddy. otherwise if it's nasty out, we stay in and enjoy it.
@sunshine4 (8709)
• United States
20 Jun 07
Of course we have pj days:) They are the best laid back days around. I also have pj days that I schedule with my daycare. I tell the parents and kids that a certain day is pj day and we all hang out in our jammies~ so much comfort makes everyone happy.
20 Jun 07
On a friday if my boys are not at their grndparents, and their dad is working late, about 7pm we all get changed in to our pyjamas and have a "pyjama party" we cook lots of snacks including pizza and nibbles, we bring all our duvets and bean bags in to the front roomk we choose some films and we just have a really nice night in front of the tele, joking about and chatting!! after all the hustle and bustle of the school run, homework, bathtime, dinnertime and bed time , its nice to just chill out with them, instead of batteling with them to get changed or behave. its really good quality time, and my boys who are 6 and 4 they love it - but i think i love it more, as they really come out of there shell, and you get more of their personalities out too. everytime we have a pyjama party i learn something new about them - and im sure they learn something about me too. we all end up falling asleep in the front room on the floor, then we all end up in my bed topping and tailing. i love our pyjama parties!!!