jackie chan

@JUNGLE (1157)
South Africa
June 20, 2007 12:46pm CST
I think that Jackie Chan is a terrific entertainer.He is an excellent martial artist, and as an actor he is quite good.I read recently that Jackie is also a singer,and that the person singing at the end of most of his movies is Jackie himself.What I like most of all about Jackie, is his sense of humor.I also admire him for the fact that he does his own stunts.I cant remember any movie other than Jackie Chan ones,where, at the end of the film you are shown all the bloopers and accidents that occoured during filming, especially parts where Jackie gets hurt in fight scenes.There is a lot of fun and laughter when Jackie and his co-stars cant get their lines right,even when Jackie gets hurt he justs laughs it off. I'm sure you'll agree that this is some very good entertainment
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@tolyme (305)
• Argentina
20 Jun 07
I also like Jackie chan.He was the person who mixed up action stunts and comedy.He didn't copy brucelee style which many did at that time.He did his own risky action scenes.I agree with you that he is a great entertainer.
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@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
20 Jun 07
Jackie Chan - One of the best Martial arts practicer in the Hollywood movies.He also have nice acting skill which he has and makes him best amongst the others.
Yes,that true that Jackie Chan is a great entertainer.His acting is not so but his fighting skills are just amazing.Jackie Chan's most of the film get hit because of his fighting skills which he shows in a film.I also like Jackie Chan a lot and like to watch most of his acted movies.
@mjsdls (1840)
• United States
20 Jun 07
I like watching Jackie too. He puts a lot of humor into what he does. He makes his stunts look so easy. I did not know he could sing. Never heard him sing. It amazed me at all the stunts he does.