What's the strangest fobia you've ever heard about or have ever seen?

June 20, 2007 12:49pm CST
I was watching dr Phil today and it was about people who have a fobia for let's say going out of their homes.I don't really have a fobia.I'm afraid of spiders but it's not a fobia.It's not taking over my life.Dr Phil said there's only one fobia and that is the fobia of not having control over your life or things you do.I have seen a person who had a fobia of frogs but it was really bad i've never seen someone being so afraid of frogs.But he got over it. Do you have a fobia or have you ever heard about or seen a strange fobia?
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26 Jun 07
I used to have a phobia of certain plants when I was growing up. I especially had a problem with climbing plants like Ivy and bind weed. I used to feel sick and shaky when I saw them close up and I couldn't have touched them at all. My brothers used to tease me about it which made things worse. I am a lot better now but I still get the shudders when I see bind weed or find some potatoes that have been left in the dark and have started rooting.
• Netherlands
28 Jun 07
I used to have a problem too with some sort of plants because i heard scary stories about them.My brother was also like your borthers and teased me with it too. There's a plant which really still frightens me.It's huge plant living near the water but i don't know what it's called. I'm glad you're doing better now.Hope someday it'll disappear.
@ememj12 (43)
• Philippines
20 Jun 07
I had an accindent before in motorcyles, I had lesions in my arms and legs now. Since then I'm afraid to ride on it or drive on it.
• Netherlands
21 Jun 07
I definately can imagine why you are afraid of driving or riding on it.Now i'm thinking about it.I love to ride my bike but sitting on the back of it scares the hell out of me. I once fell when i was 6 years old and i fell hard on my head and there was this car not far behind me.Since that day i'm scared sitting on the back of someone's bike.