Victoria's Secret Birthday Card ($10 off)

United States
June 20, 2007 1:41pm CST
I got Birthday Discount Card from Victoria's Secret ($10off).I went there yesterday to buy some stuff, but I dont want to make any large purchase. So I looked around for something that a little bit over $10 then I can pay the difference. I ended up with 2 lip glosses (2 for $10). I went up to the cashier and guess what? she said I can't use that card for this purchase. I asked for the reason and she said I have to spend more than $15.Do you think it is fair?. However, on the back of the discount card doesn't say anything about amount, all I can see is about not good with any other coupon or discount item or final sale item, about anything else I can use it. the good news is I got my 2 lip glosses and I am happy with what I said back to them. What do you think? Want to know what I said to make them give me those for free?
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@olliekobra1 (1826)
5 Apr 12
That doesnt sound right, if it isnt in the terms and conditions it doesnt count. Normally if you have a $10 voucher you should be able to swap the voucher for a $10 item but i havent heard that you have to spent over a certain amount to use your voucher. I think you should have asked for the manager to clarify the situation.