how to choose love in your life ?????

June 20, 2007 2:18pm CST
MUST specify a good n proper way to get your true love in life ... the ways u will keep that with u forever .... the ways u be with it ......... Expect a lots from all ...cmon !!!!
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• India
21 Jun 07
hey just go to a place where you feel you can get your kind of girls then talk to them and understand what you really want before choosing one think really hard so that you dont regret about your choice later after that compromise a few things for eachothre and lead a good life lol....
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@smileonstar (4013)
• United States
20 Jun 07
well, there are many ways about this situation. Are you looking for love?For, I dont really care much about how they look. I love people who honest, care and sweet and responsible. Well, it is hard to say tho, you have to get to know who that person is. Sometimes you dont get what you want but he/she is still the best for you. Things can change but people attitude can't change. Do you know what i mean here? I love to see the real person comes out of that person when they are really piss off, then you know. Be with someone is not a bad thing but love someone is a hard thing... Have you ever ask yourself about love?like, Do I love him/her? why? how do I love him/her?Does he/she love me back? that's a real question. Most of my people usually say, Marry someone that love you better than marry someone that doesn't love you!
@beauty_ph (2751)
• Philippines
23 Jun 07
To choice the love of my life I have done this: I read the book written by Bo Sanchez. The title of the book is: "How to Find Your One-True-Love". I have not done the things in the book, but I have tried the other tips included in the book. I think I can help you buy it so you can read it too. The book will be of great help for you. God bless!