@hcprasad (1013)
October 24, 2006 8:54am CST
When we cannot go against something, we should accept the inevitability. A man without legs cannot walk, a man without damaged eyes,cannot see clearly, a man without money enjoy stastus in society, a house-wife with a drunkard cannot lead happy life and the list can be drawn without an end. Under the circumstances, it is better to accept the inevitability and enjoy with what god has given.
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@catherIN (430)
• United States
20 Jan 07
I think there are things in life that we have to accept that we cannot change no matter what.But, we should do whatever we can about those things that we are not happy with that are within our control. The example that you used of a man without legs can not walk...okay he does not have legs. He can not magically grow legs. He won't have them today or a year from now.He must accept that. He may not be happy about that. But, does that mean he can not have a full, happy life? Does walking on two legs equate the complete meaning of a happy, full life? No, but he has control on how he chooses to live life and what he does with his life.