What would you do if a family member died overseas?

@GuateMom (1411)
June 20, 2007 7:59pm CST
Last week, my husband came to me and showed me an article in the local paper. "Isn´t this your friend?" He said. And it was. When I first arrived in Guatemala, I lived in a house with about 11 other foreigners. I worked with this young man who introduced me to the house where the rent was amazingly good. I lived there for over a year and partied with him and we continued to work together even after I moved out. Over the past couple of years, we lost touch. I was with my husband and having kids, he was still a party animal. But I saw him about four weeks ago, a couple of days before my second son was born and he was really jittery. Well, he showed up dead in his car last week. They didn´t do an autopsy and the reports are conflicting, some say it was a drug overdose, other say he was beaten to death. There was blood in the car, I saw that much in the photo. His body was cremated immediately and now is waiting for his mom to come down and pick up his ashes. I feel so bad for her. Her son was only 29 and she wasn´t anywhere near when he died/was killed!
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