your ticking me off

June 20, 2007 9:06pm CST
you know what i hate my dad! i just can along with him, his so stupid, imature, pervert and so narrow minded! I just wish that i have a different father, or im adopted. at times that im trying to ignore him, simply because im too tired to argue, he will really make way to irritate me, like telling me bad things, or just simply finding things that would annoy the whole family. whats worst his been cheating on my mom! to think that his not even bringing enough money in this house, and we are having financial problems! aaargh! if i could kill and not go to jail... i would kill him! worst he flirts with my obgyn, he flirts with my sisters friends and we found out of course cause this people are texting us asking "whats wrong with your dad?!" God! like being his daughter wasnt humiliating enough! dont get me wrong believe me i tried to be civil... and i even tried just not minding his presence... but he will simply try to ruin your day... I hate him! and everybody in this house hate him as well... you know what people lik him shouldnt have kids! they are supposed to be impotent! so that they wont messed their kids head! we are throwing him out of the house unfortunately no one wants to take him in the family, so my mom pity the a-hole and we are stuck with him again! God! can you just hit him with a thunder bolt or something!
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@FSCAries (881)
• United States
21 Jun 07
Well it's like they say, you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family! I know how you feel, as I'm sure many do, but it's times like these when you know why you are friends with the people that you are friends with and sometimes they become your chosen family, people that really seem to understand you and share your concerns.