political Correctness..

June 21, 2007 4:03am CST
Why oh why do we have so much nonsense under the guise of political correctness.. where oh where has this plague of modernity come from....the city council where i live are just curently debating a new by law or rule or other.. not sure of the exact terminology here... anyways in July the public smoking ban comes into force so all smoking in the workplace is banned too!! Great for me as im a non smoker!! (simply hate the smell the look and the cost)the debate the council are having is whether to introduce a new guidline whenever public servants have to visit a member of the public in their own homes they have the right to make sure that the home owners desist smoking at least 30 minutres before the worker arrives.. i suppose this will affect social workers , planning officials, health visitors, etc Considering i dont know any social workers who dont smoke like chimneys i find this rather amusing.... are they serious , is that what we the local tax payer vote in these clowns.. are there not more important issues ??? political correctness...sheer stupidity if you ask me.. anyone else out there got equally silly ones..like the man in the south who wanted to hoist a skull and crossbones flag for his sons pirate theme birthday party but was told he would have to pay £75 for a planning application and that it would be turned down anyway becasue it was deemed to be not in good tate.....Johnny Depp are you out there ..pay the kid a visit !!
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• South Africa
21 Jun 07
It is becoming an international problem. In South Africa where we had/have racial discrimination it is becoming more and more of a problem. If the papers report on a traffic accident they are not allowed to rever to the colour or nationalily of the victims. The rever to occupants of the vehicles. If the police are looking for a criminal they can only give a discription of the closes that the person was wearing but they are not allowed to state whether the person in question is white, black, coloured, etc. The problem is also present when people go missing. They can give an explanation of the clothes the child was wearing, the area where the child got lost or the child's name, but they can't tell you if the child is black or white. I don't know where this will lead us in the end.