how much money you want to eanr in the next week , next month or next 100 days ?

June 21, 2007 4:04am CST
my goal to make extra money online in next week is $ 5 . my goal to make extra money online in next month is $ 20 my goal for next 100 days is that I want to earn more than $100 online . it might a small goal for you, but it is a big goal for me and it is hard to achieve. even if I can reach this goal, I think the only way I get the money is ex-change paypal money with others. I hope I can earn enough money to buy a digital camera, then I can take some vedio and some picture/photos, and share them for some extra money and fun . recently, my home come a little guest, who is only 9 month old, he is so cute , and I really want to take some photos for him. but I don't have a digital carema now( now I can borrow a one, but it is not convient for me ), I hope I can reach my target or more than my goal, then I can use the money to buy a new digital carema, and take some photos for him and take some photos for my little sister who is 4 years old. work hard and hard for this goal, and I believe I can let it come ture. what about you ? just share your goal with people and try to work together here and there.
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21 Jun 07
hey, why not try helping me out? im doin the same thing, check out my blog. I want to find a list of the best paying websites and make $500 a month. This works out to $16.7 a day which i think is achieveable but im still trying to find the websites to do it. Thanks, Dan
21 Jun 07
oops my blog address is
@nishdan01 (3055)
• Singapore
21 Jun 07
You can reach that target. I earn $100 in a month. Check this site for details:
@ackars (1942)
• India
21 Jun 07
I would like to earn more than $5 in this week and continue in the same rhythm.