The present rule in US -your views do you support

@SHAMRACK (8384)
June 21, 2007 6:40am CST
I do think the present rule is going well as it is to be appreciated towards the administrative skill of these adminitrators.
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13 Sep 07's worse and you can see obviously the happening to the deficits figure running high daily. The peoples of US having high rise in percentage without health insurance, the gas price hikes and a long way to make it settle down, timely process for stabilization.
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3 Feb 08
Hi Shamrack, Thanks for marked "BR" to my, those isted responses. I appreciate that very much. May peace, success, wealth and health be upon you. Please accept my well wishes and again, may your expectations beyonds your imagination. 1. Do you like to study in mixed college - why, 2. The present rule in US -your views do you support, 3. Feeling nervous while giving speech to public, 4. Do every one in your family like your pet, 5. Which festival do you like most and why, 6. Nostalgia, 7. Controversies and gossips its impact on personal life, 8. How often do you punish your child - are they better now, 9. Fairy tales and fantasies. Thanks, Shamrack.