It is not a bad thing

@xueyao (164)
June 21, 2007 7:00am CST
I am tired of working recently,I think I can't persist in doing the job what I doing at the being time at sometimes,but I will stay here in one years, I will try my best doing my work.I confident that I can find a better job than here, Manager of a company give my word that if I can go to his company he will give me a main position.but I can't agree to this,It is certain that I can obain a ease life if I accept the invitation to that job,here is close my home,but the work place now is far from my hometown and I can only go home two times every year,I also choice here, this tired,compate job,and complex relation in anywhere,It is strange that too many young man want to leave home far and get difficult job ,we want go through too much so we choice this,so am I,Tell in the truth,I have been shed dears sometimes when I am in hot water,Many friend and family is far from here I only rely on myself,I belive that It is not bad thing for me confront this situation, I am young.
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