Wat is ur Step if ur in titanic??

@josyula (112)
June 21, 2007 7:32am CST
Assume that you are in titanic and it suddenly hit an iceberg and wat would u do in the next moment??? Help WOman and CHildren to get out??? Or try urself to getout and save life?
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@Corezz (1017)
• Netherlands Antilles
21 Jun 07
Well now you can say lots of things. But when your there exactly you don't know what happens to your brain. Lose control, scared panic ! So I think I should probably help the kids nad womans firstly to get out, and than I'll see what happends to me .
21 Jun 07
I'd try and save everyone else and i would start with the children then the women and so on... I would put myself last because i would rather risk my life for someone instead of watching them suffer..