Lingerie Chief Rejects MBE

June 21, 2007 12:06pm CST
This is probably more one for the people in the UK than anywhere else. I saw this in the news this morning when I opened my Yahoo! mail account. It actually quite shocked me because the Queens birthday honours list is a huge achievement. The co-founder of lingerie brand Agent Provocateur has rejected his MBE because he finds Tony Blair "morally corrupt". Joseph Corre was awarded the title for his services to the fashion industry in the Queen's Birthday Honours list. But he knocked back the MBE on Wednesday, saying he could not accept the Prime Minister as "someone capable of giving an honour". You can find the full story at the following link. I just can't see why he would quibble over the award because of who's handing them out. At the end of the day, the MBE comes from the Queen. I wouldn't turn down such an award just because Tony Blair is handing out the darn things! As UK Citizens, we're supposed to honour our Monarchy, and although I must admit I don't like the Royal Family per se, they're part of our heritage. They've just always been there. People are fascinated with them, and I know personally of people that would love to get just a quick glimpse of the Queen. To be included in her Birthday Honours list would be a dream come true for so many. If you had been awarded an MBE by the Queen, would you turn it down just because of Tony Blair? Is he really that bad?
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@gabs8513 (48715)
• United Kingdom
23 Jun 07
Yes Sweetie he is that bad and yes I would have turned it down if it was given by him He has made to many Mistakes and it is the Principle of it To me him giving it means nothing apart from saying thank you Mr Blair for nearly ruining the UK and making it hard for People to live a decent Life He will be gone on Wednesday from what I understand so lets hope UK can be put back to normal
@MsTickle (24994)
• Australia
23 Jun 07
That's a bit insulting to the Queen. The bloke sounds a bit up himself. I don't have a problem with Tony Blair, I don't know a lot about him. Our own Prime Minister is being a bit of a wank lately, so he couldn't be any worse than him. I think Royalty has it's place and I certainly wouldn't knock back an honour such as an MBE because of who hands it out. That's absurd.
@mansha (6301)
• India
22 Jun 07
I think people confuse royalty with Blair. He is elected reprezsentative of the people and has got nothing to do with the queen. Its another attention grabbing stunt. Its wrong to blame only Blair and Bush for action in Iraq.I feel they were caught in a tricky situation at a hard time and did what was seen as best for their country at that given moment in time. Infact if I remember they did had people backing them and caling them to go ahead. Now suddenly everyone has turned their back on them. Still they made a commitment (wrong or right )and are man enough to stand by it and accept that they made a mistake and take on the blame.