does friendship really depends upon money ?

June 21, 2007 12:14pm CST
Friendship is independent of everything. It doesn't care if u r poor, rich,single,married,literate or not....but nowadays friends are becoming money-minded. do u agree with it? many are doing friendship for solving their problems with their friend's, do u think that ' friendship is depending upon financial situation of people'?
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• United States
21 Jun 07
Absolutely not. Money should never be a factor as to whether or not someone is your friend. If money is a factor, then I don't believe it really isn't a friendship. No one should have to be rich or poor in order to be someone's friend. A lot of things that are about money, whether they are friendships, or partnerships, or marriages, don't turn out well because they need more than just the financial boons. However, I do believe that some people are using money more in terms of friendships, and that really is sad.
• India
21 Jun 07
ya, u r right..i agree that money shouldn't become a factor for friendship. thanks for ur response
@smoke_gun (1243)
• Malaysia
21 Jun 07
now days we cant find anymore friends between rich and poor because there is gap of status,living,background that never can be overcome.this the reason why richman always belong with richman then the poorman always belong with poorman.the rich wont be friend with the poor to prevent "money matter" somehow the poor wont believe the rich like to be friend with them honestly,they thought the rich must be looking for something being friend with them.