Is anyone here a Contentious Objector?

@lillake (1634)
United States
June 21, 2007 3:31pm CST
Is anyone here a Contentious Objector? Do you actively promote peace, as in going to rallies or protests? What made you become a Contentious Objector? If you have kids do you involve them in as well?
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@pilbara (1436)
• Australia
21 Jun 07
Just checking what you mean. Contentious means argumentative or quarrelsome. The usual term is conscientious objector, a person who will persistently refuse to do anything against their conscience. I am not one as I have never been placed into a situation where I would have been forced to do something I could not condone.
@lillake (1634)
• United States
21 Jun 07
LOL I'm terrible at spelling.
@xfahctor (14131)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
12 Sep 07
Ok, I have some serious issues with this status. When the status was created, we were under a draft. Todays military is all voluntary. When one signs up with the armed services (note the term ARMED services), it is assumed that one day you may be called upon to go in to battle. People can argue that recruiters glamorize it and all but the fact remains and it is well known fact, the military is a fighting force. To quote one pundant, "the sole purpose of the military is to kill people and break things."