are the married young couples who are in job away from each other enjoy married

June 21, 2007 7:37pm CST
satisfaction is the on of the most important in human we take food take rest is also givev some relax to body and mind. we are going to increase our income & finacial status by both husband and wife joing some job. if they were within some dis it is not a matter . at least they will meet at night or evening. but the couples who leaves away from each other is the biggest punishment for them. though their heart want to meet each other at least to down their tensions or to share their feelings. but they were unable to do anything.they were unable to say with any thing also because of prestige because of shame. it leads to following the diversed way. they begin to attract to the collegues and try to away from own husband or wife. the result is break in life. its a big problem is there any soloution for this?
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