How many times every day do you break the rules?

United States
June 21, 2007 10:28pm CST
Recently I reread the My Lot terms of service and there seems to be a little provision about not posting links to other My Lot discussions. But, I've noticed that lots of people take it upon themselves to complain about other My Lot members, and post links to their offending discussions. Isn't that against the rules? Do you think these My Lot members know the rules? Or, are they purposely flaunting them just to prove that they can get away with it?
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@marinarovi (1318)
• Argentina
25 Jun 07
I have to admit that I have posted links in my discussions, but only when I though it necesary or someone was asking for a site. I never started discussions such as "here you have all my links" or that kind of stuff, I find that very much against the rules. But I mean, if someone asks for a good site on cats, for example, why shouldn't I provide a link? I don't consider that spam or anything like it. And I surely hope the ones who ask won't report my message to mylot to get punished! =)
@magica (3710)
• Bulgaria
22 Jun 07
Well, i am strict member.If i am here, this means that i approve and agree to their rules. If there is something againts my own rules and i cant adapt myself-may be this is not my place.I dont need to rebel there. This is just Internet forum.Not my real life.