all you need is love

@mrddln (458)
June 21, 2007 10:44pm CST
i got some poem entitled all you need is love try to find out if these lines were true based on your experience? love is... love is being willing to say sorry... love is wanting the best for the one we love... love is seeing the potential in our loved one... love is telling them what you value in them... love is forgiving and not holding on to hurts... love is living today as if it were your last, but looking forward to a fresh tommorrow... love is knowing when to speak and when to sit together in silence... love is listening with all your heart... love is the most precious gift you can receive... and the most precious gift you can give... what do you think love is????
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• Philippines
22 Jun 07
I thin love is forgive and forget... You will be able to love if you know how to forgive and forget. You must let him know that you really love him that much, by forgiving in what he done to you and by forgetting things that as if it didnt happen. You have to take things naturally because you love him for that.
@jmicy1029 (197)
• China
22 Jun 07
love is the hand that father usually caress; love is the umbrella that the lover gives to you when you are helpless in the rain; love is the money you send to the people who need it ; love is our heart ; love is action now.....