June 22, 2007 4:02am CST
Just uploaded my 11th work unit to Folding@home. So nice that my computer can help researchers in curing diseases without me even noticing it. Would you like to help fight cancer and other horrible things like, you can download Folding@home right here: You wont make any money - but it wont cost you anything either, and you help support a very good cause.
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@DJ9020 (1596)
• United States
22 Jun 07
I used to do this at SETI@home but then was having a lot of problems with the program. I guess I ought to look into that again.
• Denmark
22 Jun 07
I used to run SETI as well and I agree, not the best program in the world. Folding is a lot better. FIrst of all you deal with very real projects. It's easier to understand that we need a cure for cancer than understanding why we should search for E.T. :-) Second Folding only use the free resouces on your computer... Whereas SETI ran your computer to the ground (using 100% of your CPU) folding only use the idle percentage of your CPU - meaning that you'll never notice it running - if your computer need an extra 10% of CPU power then Folding with just go down by 10%. Really nice. You should try it out :-)