what is a sister?

@bebski (16)
June 22, 2007 5:11am CST
i have only one sister in my lifetime. she used to be the worst enemy that i had. but i don't know what happen we had become the best of friends as of now. it is good to have a sister who share your happiness, grief, sorrow,joys in life.
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@paulsy (1264)
• Philippines
26 Jun 07
I have three sisters. All are much younger than I am. My first sister (I used to call her "bebs", almost like your nickname) and I used to be really close. Very, very close during the times when my life was a mess. She, being still single, was always ready to give a world of advice to her older sister. We talked a lot and spent a lot of time together. However, the time came when my life finally had its major change. I fell in love with a man who loves me too. I finally saw my happiness. But it seems, she wasn't happy about that. I couldn't, and still can't understand why. She began talking against me and my fiance to every member of the family, including my own children. I discovered this when my kids started telling about how she ridiculed me and my fiance behind my back. My kids didn't like what they were hearing and being their mother, her words made them so upset. We had a big confrontation and she blurted out too many words that have damaged our relationship completely. Even my teenage daughter couldn't figure out why her aunt became like this. Up to this writing, since the big confrontation, my sister and I have not spoken a single word to each other. We live in the same building with my mother, brother and sister, but we don't exist to each other anymore. She picks on and tries to find fault in my children and now even they will not even engage in any sort of conversation with her. At this point, it's so sad to say, but I don't think we could patch things up ever again.
@bebski (16)
• Philippines
27 Jun 07
i just hope that all things will come to a better ending as to your sister. never close any doors though. thanks for sharing, paulsy
@roniroxas (10576)
• Philippines
24 Jun 07
i have to sister one older and one younger. the older is my enemy and the younger is my best freind.
@pav_28 (168)
• India
23 Jun 07
i hav one sis...she is going to get married soon....we fight a lot...thats what sisters r for...but i know that whenever i'll hav any problem in life i can always turn up to her....v hav got more closer since she has got engaged....she is the one person i can open my heart out....
@sugarfloss (2140)
• Malaysia
22 Jun 07
i have an elder sister.she's 27.she's a busy pr exec and she rarely has time for family.that explains why she doesn't have a child yet.before she was married,we shared a room.and we would always get into silly arguments and end up not talking.one time,i just couldn't take it anymore and i moved out from the room to the store room.it was my room for a year before she decided to get married so i could get the 'old' room back.sigh.i miss her.she might not be the sister i wanted her to be but she's my sister.she doesn't say she loves me but she buys me things whenever she goes travelling.u name it,New York,Taipei,Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa.sigh.now i miss her even more.
@gasmas100 (588)
• India
22 Jun 07
lucky you mate. I dont have a sis, but I know what a sis is like from my friends and cousins who are rather fortunate to have one. I would have loved o have one though but would ensure i have a son and a daughter so my son can be previleged, unlike me ..