Do you plant trees?

@ibsnet (1268)
June 22, 2007 2:42pm CST
Global warming is increasing day by day. We really feel now that warm and hot weather is on increase. The shortage of plants is one of the main reason. I have a small space in front of our house for gardening. I do plant small trees atleast. We should plant more and more trees to save our environment, our ecological balance of nature. Do you also plant trees? Whether your are good gardner, it doesn't matter, but we can plant small saplings atleast. The oxygen the plant gives is worthy for us and the CO2 is takes is really helpful to us and also plant ensures some coolness as it always release excess water into atmosphere. What are your views?
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@ssh123 (31100)
• India
6 Jul 07
No, I do not have space near my house. So I grow a lots of plants and put them in pots, most of them hanging pots.
@tombiz (2039)
• Philippines
3 Jul 07
Defenitely, you are doing a good job of contributing something for the betterment of our world. The enormous crisis of global warming which is expected to escelate in the coming years, will affect all of us with no exemption. It's eith we listen now or we will be forced to listen later with tragedies hapenning everywhere. We live in a balanced and delicate eco-system. Breaking a part of this cycle could result into a gradual erosion of its integrity. For now, authorities are closing their eyes until maybe there are so many catastrophes striking us.
@butterfly39 (3907)
• Philippines
3 Jul 07
It should be done to help our environment. If everybody will plant then all of us will be happy.
@ESKARENA1 (18299)
1 Jul 07
I think its important that we do this kind of thing. When we consider thast every person on the planet seems to want a car to drive about in and the amount of poison each car pumps out in to the air, means we all have a duty to the earth to plant a tree for every car we atempt to destroy the planet with, for our own comfort and convinience blessed be
@andrejuly84 (1047)
• Romania
30 Jun 07
i am, agree with you that the global warming is increasing very fast and this is fact should worry everyone of us.we destroyed the trees,the vegetation instead of buildings,factories and the dangerous poluation.i haven't plant a tree since few years ago many times i thought at this and i thin is very necesary to do this .we should educate our children to do vthis and they to tell later to their kids so the Earth to not die so fast
@vonne28th (1494)
• Philippines
23 Jun 07
Planting trees are also one of my hobbies aside having discussions here on mylot. I always enjoy doing this.
23 Jun 07
I often by my parents flowers and plants. Myself, I don't plant them but my father does. I would if I had my own place and I'd like to forget about global warming for the moment. Focus on trying to fix things to what we can. ~Joey
@byfaithonly (10716)
• United States
22 Jun 07
I don't so much 'plant' trees but I am notorious for 'transplanting' when I see a seedling popping up in the yard I'll dig it up and move it to a place where it can grow. I have a 6 foot maple tree that I did just that and then potted it when I moved, planted it in the next place I live and last week potted it again - it's in a huge pot now and will stay there until hopefully I have another home of my own where I can plant it for the rest of my and it's life.