Well I made it through my daughter's bachlorette party

@TriciaW (2441)
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June 22, 2007 3:10pm CST
I want to thank everyone first for the advice on what to buy her. I went to the book store and got her a book on message and then got her some message oil. I also picked up one of those little pocket book on how to keep it going when married so that is as naughty as I got it. I threw in a bag of candy kisses to go with it. She liked it but even more she was glad I made it and stayed with her all night. We had a great time. I have to say I probably spent more time making sure my daughter was ok. It was cute as the night went on she had had a lot to drink and was tried so she kept coming over and laying her head on my should for me to hug her and let her snuggle in just like when she was a little girl. It is funny how it doesn't matter how old they get they still revert back to mommies little girl when they need taken care of. Her dad owns the bar we went to so the bartenders were taking care of her. When they were all serving shots to her the bartenders were using cranberry juice instead of the real thing so that she wasn't getting over dosed on shots. It was sweet the way they looked after her too. My daughter and I were the only ones that knew it so the rest of the guests thought they were living up to the party grove by buying her those shots. So good advice to those that may do that from time to time. Talk to the bartenders they can be creative to make it look the same as another shot*L* I just had a wonderful time with my daughter and her friends!! Now I can't wait for the wedding!!
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@sunshine4 (8709)
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23 Jun 07
Sounds like you had a wonderful time:) I am so happy for you and your daughter. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship. The gift sounded great! I also love the idea of the fake shots...I'll have to keep that one in mind:)
22 Jun 07
Thank you for sharing. It was great to hear it went to well. I certainly revert to a daughter when I visit my mum and I think she likes to still feel needed, useful and responsible too. My children are teenagers and get along really well but since my son went to university my daughter has started talking to me more. Long may it continue. I look forward to their weddings and children but not too soon I hope.