Just my luck. The carpets in my new apartment stink like dog pee, its gross.

June 22, 2007 3:19pm CST
I moved into my apartment in April and the carpets were supposed to be replaced. I am still waiting. After the carpet cleaner smell went away, the dog pee smell came out. It smells so bad of dog pee that it is almost intolerable. Also now you can actually see the places where the dog pee'd. There are big stains that have come out from just normal tracking though the apartment. After talking to the Landlord, and she could not do anything until the management gave her some money, I call the management. The management said to give them 2 weeks, so I did and nothing was done. Finally I went to City Hall and put in a complaint. The inspector came over this past Wednesday and took pictures and everything and told me that he would send them a notice. They would have 3 weeks to replace the carpets. If they did not he would send them an order for it to be done which they have 19 days to comply to. If at the end of the 19 days nothing was done then he would have a company come in and do the work and the Property Management would be billed for it. This seem like a long process to me, but if it gets the work done then that will be great. Has anyone had an issue like this before? What did you do?
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