How Far Would You Go To Save Your Life

June 22, 2007 3:44pm CST
To kill or not to kill. Murder is gruesome and wrong? Really? Is it? Until you are awaken in the middle of the night and you have to fire two rounds to stop the intruder or get your machete and become a butcher for an instant to save the life of your family and yours, then its no longer murder its self defense so it becomes manslaughter. Slaughtering a man? wow that sounds pretty gross to me, not mention, 'woman slaughter'. Abortion is wrong very wrong, until you have to decide between the life of your wife or lover and the baby right? Euthanasia is wrong until its your pocket feeling the bite of the hospital bill when medicare runs out or refuses to cover because of what you didn't take time to bother to read in the fine print right? In comes embryonic stem cell research. The claim is that this holds vast potential for curing terminal illnesses and extending the length of life. Big buck at stake. Except for one little problem. Its EMBRYONIC stem cell, not just any stem cell. Here yet one more reason to push for abortion on demand, here one more reason for a woman to use her body that she has all rights over to make a living... get pregnant, and sell the embryo to the researchers. Does the prospect of an end to cancer and hypertension and perpetual longevity seem so appealing that we'd want to go ahead and approve embryonic stem cell research? How far are you willing to go?
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@Nykkee (2523)
• Canada
22 Jun 07
It is not legal for them to do test for stem cell research on actualy babies (embyos), I read up on it a while ago and what they actually do is take the umbiblical chord and the after birth (stuff that would normally just get thrown away) and they can get stem cells our of the blood that is left in that stuff, after it comes out and it no longer attached to the baby, they drain the blood out of that and get stem cells from there. I think everyone should have thier unbiblical chords and after birth saved for stem cells, then if thier baby ever got sick they would have thier own stem cells stored somewhere to use to make them better.
• Jamaica
22 Jun 07
Nykkee do you think that the fact that its illegal means that its not being done? Honestly now. Thanks for the heads up on the umblical chord part though. Hmm I wonder if thats not a good idea. My umblical chord has long since been buried. I am just afraid that that in itself may lends itself to other ethical, legal issues.