Do you think LOVE has its bad effects too?

Love - Broken heart
@jade1986 (567)
June 22, 2007 8:47pm CST
People always say, to get something, one needs to lose something. Do you think to get the love of someone you need to lose anything? Did you have to pay for anything when you first fell in love? School students, when they fall in love in for the first time, their studies are often hampered. Some people get rebuke from home and their parents. Though not too many, but i think there are some bad effects of love. Can you think of any other?
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• Philippines
23 Jun 07
Love has its bad effects if the person who's currently feeling it doesn't know how to control his/her emotions. Before you love someone, you should love yourself first. This is for the reason that it is only you who knows yourself better. But it is not acceptable to say that you need to lose something in order to be loved by someone. It is probably a coincidence. Losing one's focus to his/her priorities is the major factor on why we sacrifice certain things in exchange of our one great love. Balance in relationship, study or work and family is difficult to achieve. But believe me, with Lord's guidance, we can definitely get the love that we're wishing for without sacrificing our priorities.
@sidoney (1033)
• Jamaica
23 Jun 07
well I guess you loose your virginity and you logic thinking since all you can think about is love and you loose your heart to love no longer filled with hate I guess every thing has good and bad effects
@babostwick (2037)
• United States
23 Jun 07
It is true. For every positive, there's a negative. Or in another case for every Yin there's a Yang. What bad effects will be is not known as it depends on the couple themselves. I've never had that problem even when I fell in love with a woman. It could be friends could get jealous and make you choose between them or the woman you fell in love with. That is possible but again it will depend on the situation.
@heartsick (832)
• Philippines
23 Jun 07
i think yes.. love has its bad effect.. i have a friend who choose the one he love instead of choosing her mom. she forget everything about her mom, and go over her feelings for this man. its sad to know that after your mom brought you to this world and all of a sudden this man came to her life and poof.. her life revolves only to this man.. i think its not healthy.. i think shes sick.. i mean you know.. but still she's my friend and its her life. i cant do anything about it.. she never listens anyway.. i just wish her all the best and i told her not make any regrets in the end.. :(