what do you carry in your purse?

June 23, 2007 9:50am CST
Amusing that you actually do carry a purse,what do you carry in ?i keep my keys, money,cell phone and ID.
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@pyewacket (44036)
• United States
27 Jun 07
what do I carry in my purse...actually tote bag...everything but the kitchen sink--LOL--I carry my keys, cell phone and money though in my front pockets of my jeans...but everything else is in my bag...a bottle of water, something to nibble and eat while I'm out, a small emergency type kit...papers..pens, notepad..you name it
26 Jun 07
i also keep my keyscellphone,crash,and some credit cards ect.
• Germany
24 Jun 07
Way too many things :-)! Of course I have to carry my wallet and my keys with me, my cell phone is usually in there, too. But then also... make-up, perfume, a comb, old tickets, tissues, antibacterial gel, band aids, pens, paper, used paper, reciepts, flyers, and maybe even more :-|! And then, depending on where I go, I also have to stuff sun block and a cardigan in there, too. Oh, and maybe a bottle of water. And a protein bar can't hurt, either. And a book if I expect to have at leat a couple of minutes to read it. So I carry pretty much all my belonings with me, and I have to sort out my purse once in a while because of all the useless stuff that ends up in there. But thank God it's a big purse!
@petitpapa (194)
• China
24 Jun 07
i carry my cell phone,pen ,cash,keys and a small note book,i had to jot down some emails,phone numbers,notes ,ect when life got hectic.
@alexsis (2149)
• United States
24 Jun 07
I carry so much stuff in my purse. I have my keys, wallet, kleenex, phone, lipgloss, manicure set, coupons, receipts, candy, gum, notepad, hand santizer, lotion, and pen. I think that is it, I probably left something out.
@juline (77)
• Singapore
23 Jun 07
I'm amazed your cell phone can fit in your purse! Your purse must be very big then! ;) I keep money, some photos, and pills (for headache and stomachache), bandaid, IDs, cards, and some notes.
@mestr12 (227)
• Philippines
23 Jun 07
Hmmm... I normally put only the essentials inside my purse. I place my wallet, which contains my money, identification cards, credit cards etc... I also put my cellphone, keys, pen, brush and beauty kit inside my purse. :)