if your mom hits you does that mean she doesnt love you or she loves you?

June 23, 2007 10:19am CST
they say you parents hits you for discipline..how will you know that its still discipline or already a torture?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
15 Aug 10
Well who else can take more care than her..so what ever she does its for our good,
• New Zealand
18 Jul 07
well i look at it this way if a child is getting hit every day its not for discipline. Because no child needs this there are other ways to disicipline and smacking is the last thing i do. So to me if you smack your child every day its for something other than discipline because there is no need for it.
@flpoolbum (2918)
• United States
16 Jul 07
Sorry, to me, a slap on the face or butt isn't torture. Making a deep cut into your skin and pouring salt on it is torture. So is putting your head under a dripping faucet or putting a bag full of angry rats on your head is torture. Sticking your hand in a fireants nest and holding it there is torture. Making you listen to polka's or their favorite kind of music isn't, although it may seem like it. Sitting in the front passenger seat when my Dad drove on the expressway was scary, but not torture. I guess you have to look at the person who hit you and what their temperment was when they hit you. A lot of kids get spanked or grounded and say they are going to call the welfare or child services department on the parent. After some of the horror stories I have heard about foster care, I don't know. The way you worded your question makes me think that you got punished and didn't like it. If you said, why does my Mom (or Dad, brother, sister, whatever)keep beating,raping or burning me? Then I would have recommended that you seek help. Ask a trusted adult, perhaps a minister, a doctor, a teacher, a friend's parent for help, if you think you need it.
• Philippines
16 Jul 07
my mom use to hit me hard when i was young. i thought its for discipline (probably because i do recall i did something prior hitting me).. but i don't recall her explaining to me why she hit me. i think that's important when disciplining so the child does not get the wrong message. especially if its just a burst of anger. well, it did lessen when i was in highschool, i think it was the last time too that i was "disciplined". i think time will tell you if she loves you or not. now i feel she does.
• Philippines
14 Jul 07
the marks on your skin will tell you which is which..its hard to keep a scar so deep just because of love nor discipline.brings out bitterness, anger, hatred..not discipline..not love..
@sugarfloss (2140)
• Malaysia
23 Jun 07
i was a very good child.i made my own bottle of milk at the age of 3 cos mom was too busy with my younger brother.my mom walked into the kitchen to see me getting my own bottle and with milk powder all over the kitchen counter.mom never hit me.she knew right from the start that i didn't need to be hit to show me discipline.but if she did,i'd still love her the same as how i love her now.more and ever.everyday.