Are you new to Internet Marketing?

United States
June 23, 2007 10:41am CST
I've been around the internet since almost day one. I've also made a lot of bad mistakes in choosing a business opportunity to get into. Take my word for it.....that's not an easy task. There is so many scams out there that it's unreal. The saying that "If it looks to be to good to be true", thoroughly check it out. Go to every forum, scam site, government scam sites, etc. and see what is written about it. Use your Search Engines. Might even check the Alexis ratings. Just don't fall for all the HYPE. You will also see tons of opportunities that say "Free to Join". If the opportunity looks like something you might be interested in, go ahead and sign's not costing you anything at that point, but take my word for it, most will charge something at some point. But by signing up, what this will do is give you access to the Back Office where you can REALLY see what's going on and what the business actually entails. Use your Free Membership to really dig into the business BEFORE you upgrade. Could save you a bundle. Just a couple suggestions. I'm not promoting anything here.
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