How many dialect and language you can speak and write?

@lextoper (573)
June 23, 2007 11:04am CST
I am a proud filipino. We taught to speak and write english since our first schooling. I live in Cebu province in the philippines where Cebuano dialect or "Bisaya" is used for communication. And sense I am a filipino, I know how to speak tagalog (our national dialect). How about you? how many language you can speak or write? please translate this sentence and share it to us so that we will know. English: "There are three things that can never be retrieve, The spoken word, time past, and neglected opportunity." In tagalog: "May tatlong bagay na di na mababalik, Ang salitang sinabi, Oras na lumampas, at binaliwalang na oportunidad." In Cebuano: "Naay tulo ka butang na di na mabalik, ang pulong nga gisulti, Oras nga nilabay, ug gipasagdan nga oportunidad." Please do the same thing with your dialect or language known. It could be a great help to us. Thanks in advance.
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@tinamwhite (3255)
• United States
23 Jun 07
I am sorry, my friend.... I only speak and read, write English...I have thought about learning a different language but never have followed through with it...LOL
@lextoper (573)
• Philippines
27 Jun 07
LOL... its okay. Atleast you are honest with us. Learning other languages can be fun and helpful in going to other countries. Do you have plan to visit other places or countries? you should explore it and see how beautiful the world is. Thank you tinamwhite and hear from you again.