my lucky day i just had to share

United States
June 23, 2007 12:42pm CST
ok alot of you know that things have been a little ob the bad side for me well today i got lucky. not just once either. i thought i would share with ya'll since you have been there with me through the bad lol. i havent been on mylot alot lately cause i have been working and things have just been nuts. well today i logged into email and i had a bunch of great news. i won 100 gift card to home depot from a survey site, 20.00 from a ptc site, 5.00 from a ptc site, 6.00 from a survey site, and some other stuff too. all has been put in my paypal as well but the gift card they are sending it fedex. i didnt have to pay anything to get it either. i won drawings lol. i also had like 4 referrals sign up on some of my ptc sites which i was excited about. then alot of them had paid me today too. i went from 3.16 in paypal to 247.89 i was jumping in my chair. i can [ay my phone bill. lol. if you want to check out my blog at it has the sites that i do and what has really paid me. i just got so excited about all of this lol. thank you all for sharing my good and bad days.
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• India
23 Jun 07
Even I keep doing all these sites but how come I have never made any money so far. Its really frustrating at first and that is why these things dont do so well. But anyhow good for you. Am happy for you.
@abroji (3247)
• India
24 Jun 07
I am really happy to see your joyfull attitude on this day of achievements. Go ahead easymony every bad time will follow with soothing compensations. Congratulations a lot to you dear friend.