June 23, 2007 8:31pm CST
do you know what is better between internet explorer,mozilla,safari,opera,,,?
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• Philippines
30 Sep 07
I prefered to choose opera, mozilla, and IE7. Currently, I am using opera as my main browser. It is much faster when compared to other browsers. It has a speed dialing and when you try to go back from your previous visited pages, it will load so easily and quickly. It is also safe to use like mozilla. Otherwise, I am so impressed with its performance. I also used mozilla and IE when I needed them. Some websites cannot be opened by opera and mozilla, so I rarely used IE as well. Anyway, I recommend mozilla and opera as the safest browsers to use. Have a nice day and God speed!
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@A_A_A_A (12)
• India
24 Jun 07
to me it's ie7 .. mozilla is a decent browser but it has memory bug which sometimes get slower( consumes lot of memory)
• Indonesia
24 Jun 07
are you sure like that...?
• Luxembourg
24 Jun 07
hello frd it depends man for some purposes it requires internet explorer and for mozilla . butif u r so specific i would recommaned u internet explorer thank you
• Indonesia
24 Jun 07
why must Internet explorer.../?
@machoboy (174)
• Indonesia
27 Jul 07
so far still using internet explorer, cause some sites can not open by firefox. I think safari is good too. or maybe this one: belian browser, it's also good. Ale2 browser not so good, cause i dont like it. Peace.... Posting..posting...posting... Oleh2.....