Are you ego-maniac?

@magica (3710)
June 23, 2007 11:19pm CST
Or even exhibitionist? I dont mean the adult content of the word. But how far you will go to attract the attention and to have the attention of the others? I had similar discussions called Tour for applauses and Dont hate me that i am beautifull/ just check them at my profile, if you want/, but the topic is still actual for me. Do you feel comfortable when you are allways at the centre of the events? Or do you feel uncomfortable if the people arround dont treat you as super star and dont pay to u the attention you think you deserve? Will you try aggresively to attract attention and what are your usual methods? Chalenging clothes, maniers, flirts, provocative behavior, flame with the others? Or may be you are gentle and moderate, you dislike the noise arround you?
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