When will it stop?

June 24, 2007 6:44am CST
Behind the backgardens in our street there is quite a few fields and a lake. The farmer owns the fields directly behind our house, and I think he is in his seventies. Every now and then like, right now people from estates and an area nearby (mostly teenagers and people in their twenties) come to ride their bikes in the fields incredibly loudly, creating a disturbance, trespassing and damaging the land/ crops. The farmers had already tried to deal with it but apart from costing them alot, they also got threats and fires have been started in the past. My Dad phoned them up which is how we know they are not welcome here. My parents seem to be the only people in the street standing up to them- telling them they are trespassing and phoning the police. Though the police have only ever come out once in the many times they have been called. They didnt even come out when a big quad bike like vehicle with a man and two young children- not wearing any protection like helmets, anyway the vechicle dragged my Dad through the muddy field, luckily he only had scratches and bruises but it could have been much, much worse. They are so abusive always swearing, and threatening. We also recently had part of our greenhouse smashed which looks delibrate, as the metal is dented as well. We have had someone phone from the council before which was nice that they were taking an interest. Its a shame they cannot provide somewhere for these bikers to ride in a place where they are safe, not causing damage and trespassing. I am getting quite annoyed now as I think my family is feeling quite powerless to stop them as phoning the police each time (twice today so far) seems to get us nowhere. Have you had similiar problems where you live? How did you get it sorted? Have you ot any ideas on how to get the police to listen and come out to stop them. Though there are a few difficulties as there is a dividing line between our garden and the fields, there is a different police station that looks after the fields so they have quite far to come. Unlike the five minutes it would take the police who look after our side of this invisable line. Also the one time the policeman did come he said that his job was made harder as he didnt have an off road bike. I wish they did have somewhere else to go so that our street and the farmers could be left in peace. Have you got any ideas that might help? All would be gratefully received. Thank you.
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