How do you get out of nervousness?

@mari123 (1862)
June 24, 2007 6:52am CST
It is really a pain in the neck. I've found myself stranded in a high level of tension every time there is an opportunity to show my talent. I can't stop being nervous. It expands in my heart as the moment approaching. I don't know how to shun it. It feels like out of control. The more you tell yourself to be calm, the faster your heart beats. I take a deep breath,practise smiling,tell myself i'm the best of all, and even sneer at those competitors inwardly. That does no good, not effecitive at all. My mind is in a tangle when it's my moment to shine.So what the hell am I doing? I'm doing nothing but let go of every chance of making a difference. Are you easy to become nervous? What do you think is the best way to overcome,or at least reduce,this sort of negative feeling?
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24 Jun 07
I am also prone to extreme nervousness.I usually take deep breaths and try to concentrate on my breath.Soon enough,I find that I have relaxed and am much more calm.Initially when I started doing this,it was difficult But with practice,I can now relax quickly.The best thing to do is to not go into a show or do something expecting to win or be in top position.Many books say that visualising that you are best or winning,in your mind will help.But I think that only creates more stress on us.So what i think is best is not to expect to win or anything like that.Just remember that you are going there for a purpose-to present your talent.It maynot be liked by all but will definitely move some.Also remember that no one is perfect and we all commit mistakes at some point or the other.If we realise this truth,we can be much more relaxed.The key is to not expect something from yourself that you know you cannot achieve.You can train yourself to achive more than you currently do but that has to be a gradual process.