Pennyroyal Tea

United States
June 24, 2007 8:03am CST
This nirvana song has been search for meaning for a long time, What do you think the meaning(s) behind this song are? Fact: pennyroyal is a herb that can sometimes be used a an abortifacient (for those who didn't know) The Lyric "I'm On warm milk and laxitaves" could be about the herion addiction Kurt suffered, A herion addict may use laxitives to combat the chronic constipation, opiates may cause The lyric "sit and drink pennyroyal tea, Distill the life inside of me" may be in reference to pennyroyals abortifacient effects. Which could be a metaphor for killing the problems he was facing at the time, or possibly he wanted to cleanse his life and start fresh its also been said that the term "penny-royalty" could be a play on words referring to his feelings of selling out, and being a "cheap figurehead" another twist to this song is that it was possibly in reference to His wife being pregnant. as was mentioned pennyroyal tea can be used to induce abortion For instance "i have very bad posture" could be in reference the bad posture pregnant women can have "anemic royaly" can be a reference to courtney being anemic while pregnant, which is not very uncommon during pregnancy this soing can be picked apart for ever, and led in many different directions, but what do you think its possible meaning is? (I know kurt has said theres no meanings behind his songs) but that doesnt make it true, I said the same thing when i used to write myself, so so i wasnt bothered by people asking what does this mena etc
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@gdiepod (48)
• United States
7 Nov 07
I think he is speaking of his heroin addiction personally. I love this song.
• India
11 Jul 07
i wud think itz in reffernce to his wife's pregnancy..der was dis interview wid mtv where he was smokin joints all d while n he never regretted doin it..inf act he was openly admittin it..mus b in relation to his wife's pregnancy.!!