Do you barbeque? Do you grill meat?, then read this!!

grilled meat - the meat is grilled at the griller, and in this way the taste of the meat really improves especially f you marinate it the taste of the mixtures put in really enhance thus giving it the taste of contentment..
June 24, 2007 9:00am CST
i bet you've heard about the rumor in which grilled meat can cause cancer, and yes is my answer. BUT you can eliminate the risk of having cancer while enjoying your barbeque!!^^ The problem is that when you grill meat, chicken or even fish - especially when charred or well done then it produces cancer-linked chemicals known as "HCAs or HAAs". Added to this is the animal fat drippings on the hot coalcreates another worry stuff called PAHs..HERE are the ways... 1. Soak it up. 2. Do kabobs. 3. Add a secret ingredient. 4. Finish it fast. 5. Foiled again. 6. Get skinny 7. Have a glass of tea. 8. Grill something besides the main course. Oh my gosh, i cannot copy and paste so, you better check the site, and please post your comments here so we will know^^... (And also give us suggestion in grilling, styles and techniques!!^^) thanks,^^
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@amehzin (93)
• Philippines
24 Jun 07
I heard about that as well. Everything seems to cause cancer now. Even those photocopying machines cause cancer... so be careful if you work with photocopying machines.
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• Philippines
24 Jun 07
what do you mean!?, you have heard about the different tips regarding the grilling!?, could you please share about the photocopying machines?..thanks..good!!^^
@abroji (3247)
• India
24 Jun 07
I am less worried about dangours in eating barbeque food, because we don't barbeque usually. We may grill some fish in rhe microwave occassionaly that is in a way as to avoid charring. We grill it covered in aluminium foil. Not only that we go for that preperation only once in a while. The barbeque restaurants here are too costly too. Any way thank you for sharing the information.