How well do you keep secrets?

@sandwedge (1341)
June 24, 2007 11:30am CST
How well do you keep secrets? i know the concept of "i trusts a person who trusts another" meaning you can trust someone with your secret, he/she ion turn trusts another persons to keep YOUR secret, and that person trust another, and so forth. eventually your secret is public knowledge. i on the other hand keeps secrets well. whenever a friend approaches me and wants to share a "secret" i would tell them, "if you are planning to tell another person about this secret, please don't tell me cause it will leak out and you will blame me for it". maybe better keeping your secrets to yourself. how well do you keep secrets?
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@SunDog (108)
• Latvia
24 Jun 07
that is so true. everyone trusts someone else, not necessarily the person telling the secret. this is how MOST secrets leak! you are absolutely right. if someone wants to tell me a secret i always tell them to keep it to themselves and should they tell me i will tell the whole world. that way no one tells me a secret and i do not betray anyone of them at the end of the day. think about it, if you keeps someone's secret but another person who knows it tells..and everyone thinks its you, there is nothign you can do. better not know any secrets.
@sandwedge (1341)
• Malaysia
25 Jun 07
ya. sometimes secrets are better left with their owners.