I'm so surprised!!

June 24, 2007 8:00pm CST
Ugly Betty is a very good movie for young peoples,cause it teach us how to beat difficulties.
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• Canada
25 Jun 07
I like Ugly Betty. I don't make a point to watch it every week on ABC, but i think it tells an important message to young girls that it doesn't matter how you look, and that it is the substance on the inside that counts, because looks go. It also shows how shallow some people can be and that even if they tease you, it shouldn't get you down!
• China
26 Jun 07
I agree with ur opinion.Now many young people especially young girls put more tension on their look not inside,i think we should follow betty in some ways.I dont think she's ugly on the other hand she's beautiful.
• Bangladesh
25 Jun 07
ya think so.but young people are very much obsessed with vulgur and adult movies
@kerryhu (13)
• China
25 Jun 07
some of my friends have watched Ugly Betty and they all advise me to watch, but i haven't. now i am going to put it in my list.thanks for your recommendation
@heartsick (832)
• Philippines
25 Jun 07
I also watched UGLY BEtty.. every sunday here in Philippines. I like the concept, working in MODE magazine, with oh so famous designers, pretty models, and best clothing lines.. Sometimes look is not important.. as long as you have the brain.. no one can under estimate you....