Child support how much should you get? If person is rich 25.000 month or more?

United States
June 24, 2007 9:26pm CST
Say you are rich and the other parent say a mom has custody and you are paying 25.000 in support and the mom can work, but she doesn't should she go back to court and tell the judge you want more money? Does a child need that much money to live should the paying parent foot your bills as well as your childs? Shouldn't the mom be saving and not try to be keeping up with the Jones? I mean you can live off of 25.000 a month and the child is only 5,6 years old. I would not want to be spending all the money my baby daddy gives me because you don't know when he will lose everything he has. I think I would take him to court and have the judge put a large amount in a account monthly for him/her plus pay the 25.000 but I don't think the mom should get more. What do you think?
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