Do you believe in soul mate?..

finding your soulmate - A soulmate is the person that we are meant to be with for the rest of our lives..
@maybel13 (205)
June 25, 2007 4:49am CST
Sure we all dream about meeting the right person.. the one that we are meant to be with forever. Dreaming about it is all fun and easy, but the real question is, where do you find soul mate of yours? Fate? Well, yes, if you belive in fate,then yes, it will have something to do with it, but not without effort in your part. Fate needs you to give it direction so that as a team, you can find the person you have always wanted as part of your life. For me, the first thing to do before finding your soul mate, is finding yourself first. What qualities are important to you? What are your morals and beliefs? How do you show your affection and how do you expect it to be presented to you? Giving yourself an interview will make things clearer of what type of person are you really looking for instead of just going on a blind search. It is very common for a person to date just for 'dating'. While dating is fun and useful experience, i think it's not advisable to just go out with anyone just to have a date, or to enter a relationship because you do not want to be alone. When you go out on a date, it is important that you use that date as an opportunity to observe and see if the person is someone you would loke to see again and if they carry the qualities you are looking for. Once you have realized that these dates will not lead into a relationship you have dreamed of, then obviously the person is not your dream mate either, and it would be best if you stop seeing each other to prevent any misleading expectations. Tracking down your soulmate will require patience, so do not feel frustrated or hopeless if you do not find him or her in a certain amount oHow about you? How do you track down your soul mate?
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