@mrddln (458)
June 25, 2007 5:20am CST
nothing good may last forever.if we think that a good friendship will last forever, we may be wrong . every friendship may end. very few friends survive. and they are lucky. we develop many friends in our childhood, and go on our separate ways in high school. we go in different directions to pursue our dream. friendship is like a river. it flows toward its destinations and on the way it meets many interesting people. but realtions between friends change with changing circumstances. the entry of a new person may bring irrevisible changes in your life. once you formulate an opinion based on the opinion of your new friend, there could be apossiblity of breaking friendship tradition because you are extremely souring the relationship. there are some factors that would damage the relationship examplke would be that people sometimes have expectations and that expectation is not yet accomplished. for you how to solved this kind of issues?
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• Malaysia
25 Jun 07
Friendship is like a book... u will turn to the new page as u read on. Friendship will remain forever. Like the book... even if u always turn to a new page... u can always back to the old page. Even if u have new friends, u can always and always have your old friend especially with your bestfriend that will always be by your side.... Like any other relationships, u must have trust.