How To Sell In Ebay ?

June 25, 2007 5:33am CST
Is that any fees will be charge ? Or Free ?How To Sell ?
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@youless (94224)
• Guangzhou, China
27 Jun 07
I think the fees depend on where you are. I am from China and in the past I tried to sell on Ebay but I found it's expensive. At first I thought it was free of charge. So I didn't like it very well, as it's not written clearly. So right now I sell on Taobao and it's totally free of charge. It is easier to use and it's friendly. Besides, the buyers and sellers can contact with each other easily. I like it.
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@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
25 Jun 07
simply sell something you have , then quote a price and shipping fee , then after the auction the winner pay you the money already , then you send the goods over, he leave you a comment , then you leave him a comment , finish end of the transcation . Simple ?
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@steve9737 (918)
• Colombia
17 Jul 07
I am not sure but I sold once in a partner of eBay and they charge a little fee, I think you need to check under FAQ on eBay.
• Nigeria
28 Jun 07
I don't know about Ebay friend. Thanks
• Pakistan
27 Jun 07
well i was searching that kind of dicussion actually i want to know it also please tell some
• United States
25 Jun 07
Ebay has very high fees for selling, but you will get it sold the fastest there. If you need to move something fast ebay is the best choice. However if you dont want to pay fees, you could try bidville or ecrater. You of course have to register to sell, then list your item and the process will do the rest for you. If you are new to selling you can check out my listings to see basic ways to word items and need help just ask, I am always willing to give a hand, good luck