The sound of drums - some Spoilers

Doctor Who, The Sound of Drums - From "The sound of drums" episode of Doctor Who. The Sky Rips open over the Valiant.
June 25, 2007 5:39am CST
So, what did everyone think of this week's episode, The sound of Drums?I LOVED the episode to pieces, I think John Simm was a great choice to play the master, his acting is great, and I think the episode is moving along very well, and I can't wait to see the last episode next week. The biggest question, who or what are the Toclafane?I have three theories, not that I actually think that ANY of them are right, but it's worth a stab at them:1. The Toclafane are a new species of Dalek It seems unlikely, afterall, making allies, following someone of Timelord Origin's command, but the "evidence" goes like this:a. The Ray gun used to kill the US president was very reminiscent of Dalek weaponry. b. The finale has used many elements from earlier in the season, (Prediction of the face of Boe, the Chameleon arch, the watch, professor Lazarus' aging invention and so forth) so why wouldn't it draw upon the "Daleks in Manhattan" episodes where the Daleks were looking to evolve? Maybe that is what they evolved into?Possible, but I don't think so. 2. The Toclafane are Cybermen a. The Cybermen's weaponry first seen in the battle of Canary Wharf is also remarkably similar to the projectile weaponry of the Toclafane. b. The Toclafane's spinning metal weaponry is similar to the machines used to convert humans into Cybermen. c. The Cybermen were sent into the void, what is the rip in space above the Valiant? A rip into the void? Possible, but I don't think so either. 3. The Toclafane are (somehow) Timelords, re-made to follow The Master. Not much to go on for this, but:a. The Master told the Doctor that if he knew who the Toclafane were, it would "break (his) hearts". The two races that the Doctor is closest to are the Timelords and Humans. It's unlikley to be humans, as there are stated to be 6 billion of them, so, Timelords? b. The next episode is called "The Last of the Timlords" basic hinting?Whilst it's also unlikely, it's still my number one theory.
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28 Jun 07
kool suggestions, they could be true i cant just wait til next episode
29 Jun 07
Me either. Last Saturday night spent intentionally at home for a while!
@duck2day (317)
25 Jun 07
I like all your theories - guess we'll have to wait til next week to findout if they are true! The idea that they are sub sort of timelord is intriguing, but i'm not sure how that would work - there is only supposed to be two time lords left now! The thing i liked most about this episode was the history it gave of the time lords - we never rally get told much about them so this was nice. The preview for next week looks brill - can hardly wait!
25 Jun 07
I never watch the previews, whether it's for a single, double, or even a triple parter, I like as much of it to be a surprise as possible, I do enjoy speculating though, hence the WALL OF TEXT above! (It was originally better spaced, but mylot re-spaced it all!)
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