So How is your day today ?

June 25, 2007 8:33am CST
Tell me how is your today. Tell me in detail.
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• Australia
25 Jun 07
Well, to start with, I woke early, with a headache, so i pulled myself out of bed, took some meds, and went back to bed, hoping to catch an hour of sleep...didn't happen. lol My kids woke up, I had to start my day. funny thing is, when you are forced to do that, things get better. My eldest went off to school, and I took my youngest to Storytime at the library. It was nice, but I felt a pang of...something.. A group of 3 Mum's take in turns to host a play date/coffee afternoon after storytime. I was friendly with one of them once. We are still friends, but we drifted apart. I guess I just wished I had plans for the day too? It would have been nice to be a part of that group today, I think. But, I went to the shops, came home, made lunch for my son & my husband (he was at work, but gets to come home for lunch). It was a mundane afternoon, with a few little emotional let downs. Family issues, mother, sister, etc, I won't go into those details. But, the end of the afternoon, I took my kids to youth club. It was freezing cold, but ok. Dinner went by, I bathed te kids, they are sleeping now. My hubby came home, he was tired & in a bit of a mood, so the evening wasn't the happy ending to a crappy day. Basically, it was an ok day, could have been better, but at the same time, I guess it could have been worse. The glass of vodka I am sipping at is totally making it all seem better. lol