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June 25, 2007 10:55am CST
So I'm out of work for the summer because my sons are to young to stay by themselves during the day but too old for the summer latch key program that is provided in my neighborhood. I was wondering if anyone knew of any ways I can make a little extra money maybe online. I'll be babysitting and selling items on ebay but those only go so far (unless I get a big sale). Any ideas would be a huge help.
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25 Jun 07
I'm a minor looking for a summer job. Lemme tell u, it's hard. I fill out every single spot on the application, I didn't leave anything blank. The only time I left something blank is if they asked for my social security number right away. I have a complete resumes with references with I attached and customized to each place. If the place didn't have an application, I also wrote a cover letter. I still haven't received any calls. I'm gonna try doing some more follow up calls.
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26 Jun 07
Dont expect to get a response back immediately. Many places hire people in spurts. The trick is to ask somebody in management when they think a good time to apply is and apply then. Or you can find a place where you know somebody who can help you. I am friends with somebody whose grandfather owns a store, and I know his grandfather pretty well. On the applications, I wrote down my friends grandfather and his dad as contacts. Follow up calls are good, as it shows the management that you are very interested in the job.
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