Does your family have a fire safety/emergency plan?

October 24, 2006 1:03pm CST
Recently we had a fire in the med lab below us (there are condos on the floors above) and I was amazed at how many people has no idea what to or where to go. So, being on the condo board, I made-up a rough draft of a fire-safety plan, including the names and units of people with mobility or hearing problems, and the number and type of pets in each unit. (There are a lot of elderly people who live here.) We are in the process of approving the final "plan" (including maps and cell numbers for people who may be "stuck" to contact us and make firefighters aware of where they are.) It's really such a basic thing, but every one should have a plan. Do you or does your family? Do you practise it regularly?
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26 Oct 06
We don't practice it often enough, but at least we do have one. Now to get th house clean enough to make it more feasible. I swear we are going to die in a fire if I can't keep the house cleaner.