Do You Like Small Towns?

United States
June 25, 2007 12:32pm CST
We live just across the pasture from a town of 120 people. We love it. All around us is pasture. The cows are sometimes just across the yard and fence from us. We have a beautiful view from our back porch as well as our front porch. We only need a small grocery store in our town and we would be content to never go the 20 miles to the largest town nearest us. We are so happy. It is not hard for us to be happy here. We both grew up loving the country and the outdoors. It is so peaceful and quiet. I know this type of life is not for everybody but I watch the new ommercial by the Visa Credit Card Company about how Life Takes Visa and not slowing down to write a check. I think our younger generation is being duped into believing that they have to have credit and do everything in fifth overdrive gear. Yet, I am optimistic enough to believe there are many young ones out there who love the slow, pastoral, rural life of a small home town. If you are out there, good for you, and keep on living your slow life. Sorry, Visa, but there are those of us who strongly disagree with you. Life doesn't take Visa, it takes happiness, a slow, quiet, peaceful happiness that only a small home town can give.
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